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Compulsive behavior fuels behavioral addiction and process addiction is one of them. It is the behavior itself that is the addiction rather than having a substance abuse problem at the heart of it. By being unable to control this addiction your life is adversely affected and until the behavior is modified to where it can be contained, the compulsive behavior will wreak havoc on the rest of your life. The behavior creates an elevated mood that is pleasurable but then you come down and the feelings of pleasure are followed by feelings of guilt and shame. A process disorder treatment center can help work through these issues with psychological counseling and other therapies.

process addiction treatment program los angeles, californiaSome of the more common process addictions are eating disorders, gambling, pornography, exercise, videogames, sexual behavior, and even work. Workaholicism is a process addiction and can be just as detrimental to your psyche and well-being as any other addiction. With process addiction, you feel like you are in control and being super productive and then there is that moment where you realize you have ignored everything else in your life for this one thing and that is when guilt and shame rear their ugly heads.

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Process Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles

Most people dealing with a process addiction problem will need professional intervention to stop this behavior. Addictive behavior can have a devastating effect on every segment of your life whether it be interpersonal, financial, or work-related. Psychotherapy is going to be instrumental in getting this addictive and detrimental behavior under control. By understanding what has triggered this behavior, coping skills can be developed and put to good use in reestablishing a normal routine.

Causes of Process Addiction

  • Genetics – There is research to suggest a genetic component to this behavior.
  • Trauma – At the root of many addictions, past traumas from childhood bubble to the surface causing out-of-the-ordinary behavior.
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders – Other mental health issues may exacerbate process addiction and it is vital to treat them as a whole rather than separately.
  • Low distress tolerance – Without any developed coping skills to manage your behavior, process addiction becomes a way to cope when stress becomes overwhelming.

Process Disorder Rehabilitation

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proven to be the most effective treatment for process addiction. Known as psychotherapy or talk therapy, CBT is used to address your negative thinking and find ways to put a stop to it. It can help manage a host of issues including:

  • Coping with loss or grief
  • How to manage emotions
  • Control symptoms of mental illness
  • Better communication skills
  • Come to terms with trauma related to abuse
  • Alternative to using medication to treat mental illness

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Process addiction at first may seem like a newfound energy source. You are accomplishing so much and it is bringing you enjoyment and then the realization sets in that this has been some sort of ruse. Have you ever gone shopping and got home all excited with your purchases and then wondered why you bought all this stuff? Have you thrown yourself into your work and then realized you have been ignoring everything else in your life including your family? Obsessive behavior can rapidly veer out of control and then you are left to wonder how this all happened. Process addiction demands professional help.

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