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Once thought of as a medically valuable drug, cocaine is recognized as one of the most dangerous because of how addictive it can be. This drug, which often comes in the form of a fine, white powder, can cause numerous physical and mental health risks. It also puts people at risk for overdose. For those using this drug, it may seem impossible to stop. In a cocaine addiction treatment center, that can change. a woman opens up in her therapists office and begins to heal in cocaine addiction treatment

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When Is It Time to Consider Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

It’s a big question to ask, but there is no safe level of use for cocaine. If you find yourself using this drug, you’re at risk for addiction. Moreso, you’re at risk of facing a number of physical and mental health challenges for the rest of your life if you continue to use it. Long-term cocaine abuse can lead to psychosis, loss of the sense of smell, organ damage or failure, and even death; it is vital to seek help for cocaine addiction.

People with symptoms such as the following most certainly need help through an addiction treatment center, but anyone using cocaine who is unable to stop should reach out as well.

  • You cannot control how much cocaine you use at once; you always want more
  • When you try stopping, you feel intense cravings that are impossible to control
  • Cocaine is a part of your day, every day, or you wish it could be
  • You’re using drugs to help you deal with stress, relationship problems, depression, or other complications
  • It feels impossible to stop using even if you really want to do so

In these situations, reaching out for professional help is the best and safest option. It can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to start healing and recovering from the addiction so you can restore your health, as well as a safe place to detox and experience your withdrawal symptoms under professional medical supervision.

What To Expect In Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Once you make the decision to get help, life starts to change. The first step is to help you physically stop using the drug. The process of eliminating the drug from your body is called detoxification, or detox. Repeated use of cocaine can progress to the point of dependency, where the body and brain have essentially been rewired to require the presence of cocaine to function normally. When the last bit of cocaine leaves the body and is not replaced, withdrawal symptoms occur. Withdrawal symptoms can be highly unpleasant, so much so that people resume their cocaine habit to alleviate the unpleasantness.

This is why a professional California cocaine addiction treatment is recommended, like that available at Virtues Behavioral Health. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a form of addiction treatment where medications are used to manage and mitigate withdrawal symptoms and increase the likelihood of a successful recovery. These medications not only help your body not to feel withdrawal symptoms, but they also help manage the intense cravings that overtake you as your body demands cocaine. The use of MAT in a professional cocaine addiction treatment center is the recommended way to detox, and attempting to quit on your own is rarely successful because of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Some people who use cocaine also have underlying mental health disorders. This may include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or others. You may be using the drug as a way to self-medicate. If that’s the case, you may need treatment for those disorders as well. This process starts with comprehensive help and medications to stabilize your mental health symptoms. More than half of people struggling with addiction also have a mental health disorder. This combination of two simultaneous conditions—one substance-related, the other mental health-related—is called dual diagnosis. A reputable rehab for cocaine in Los Angeles will offer dual diagnosis treatment.

How Therapy Aids Recovery

Another component of substance abuse treatment is therapy. This may include individual and group therapy. The goal is to help build confidence and a better understanding of what addiction is and how it happens. Therapy helps you understand thoughts and inaccurate beliefs. It may also provide you with tools to help you work through stress, past trauma, and other struggles you are facing.

At Virtues Behavioral Health, we offer a range of addiction therapy programs designed to help empower you. Each teaches something new or supports your body, mind, and spirit’s healing. Some of the therapies we offer that may be a part of your cocaine addiction recovery plan include:

  • Nutrition therapy programs
  • Fitness therapy programs
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Yoga therapy program

Let Virtues Behavioral Health Help You Find Lasting Recovery

You don’t have to let cocaine control your future. Instead, take the time right now to call our cocaine addiction treatment center to find out how you can begin treatment. With comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment services and a caring environment, Virtues Behavioral Health wants to help you thrive in addiction recovery. Take the time now to get help by calling 855.579.8599 or fill out our online form and let us get back to you.