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virtues behavioral health Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center los angelesAlcohol is a widely available, legal, and even culturally acceptable substance. While many individuals can drink moderately without developing any issues, others have a harder time with alcohol. As many as 14.5 million individuals in the United States struggle with an alcohol use disorder, meaning they drink compulsively even in the face of negative physical or psychological consequences. And many people who are addicted to alcohol never reach out for help. At Virtues Behavioral Health, we offer an alcohol addiction treatment program designed for those who are ready to break free from substance use issues. Through compassionate care, a welcoming environment, and highly effective treatment therapies, we can help you or your loved one heal.

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How Does Alcohol Addiction Develop?

The way that alcohol addiction develops has to do with how alcohol affects the brain. Alcohol affects the pleasure centers of the brain and creates a sense of well-being or euphoria, at least in the short term. Your brain associates alcohol with this feeling and wants to return to it. However, over time, you’ll need to drink more and more in order to capture that feeling. Building up a tolerance to alcohol is one of the first signs of a potential problem. Eventually, your brain and body become so used to the presence of alcohol that you might feel withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop.

While there’s no one cause for alcohol addiction, several factors could put you at a higher risk. These include:

  • Family history of addiction
  • Underage drinking
  • Mental health issues
  • Past trauma

If you’re concerned about your use of alcohol, reach out for help today. It’s never too soon to begin your journey to recovery at our substance abuse treatment center.

Do You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Because of alcohol’s widespread use and availability, it can be challenging to know if you are struggling with addiction or dependence. You might have friends who seem to be able to drink without experiencing any problems. Some signs that you might benefit from an alcohol addiction treatment program include:

  • You’ve tried stopping before, but have felt compelled to drink
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, nausea, or headaches when you don’t drink
  • You have a hard time fulfilling responsibilities at work, home, or school due to your alcohol use
  • Loved ones have expressed concern about your drinking habits
  • You’ve encountered legal, financial, or professional trouble as a result of your alcohol use
  • Despite physical or psychological consequences, you’ve continued to drink

Any of these can be a sign that you would benefit from structure, support, and targeted therapy. Overcoming alcohol addiction is possible with help from Virtues Behavioral Health.

Our Approach to Alcohol Addiction Treatment

How do we help those who are struggling with alcohol addiction? While every treatment plan is customized to meet the needs of our individual clients, some of what we offer to our clients includes:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Upon intake, our team performs an assessment to learn more about each client’s needs and goals for treatments. We then design a treatment plan to address specific issues like mental health treatment, family conflict, or physical needs.

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