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As one of the most common mental health disorders, anxiety can impact daily life in many ways. Mental health treatment is often a component of drug and alcohol addiction treatment because the two are often linked. For those overwhelmed by anxiety, panic attacks, or feelings of constant worry, our anxiety treatment center at Virtues Behavioral Health can help you.

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How an Anxiety Treatment Center Can Help You

anxiety treatment in los angeles, californiaThe goal of anxiety treatment is to gain more control over thought patterns and related behaviors. Some people use drugs and alcohol as a way to control their anxiety. However, this only provides short-term relief. Substance use can actually trigger or exacerbate anxiety long-term. Simultaneous treatment for both anxiety and substance use disorders can help you take back your life and become your healthiest, happiest self.

Just a few of the improvements you’ll see as a result of anxiety treatment and addiction therapies include:

  • Gaining control over negative thoughts and actions related to them
  • Feeling more confident in yourself and your decisions
  • Embracing activities you no longer do because of anxiety
  • Overcoming the underlying cause of anxiety, such as traumatic experiences
  • Developing a new life that doesn’t feel limited
  • Overcoming the need to use drugs and alcohol as a way to control your feelings

What to Expect in an Anxiety Treatment Program

Each program is individualized to treat what’s happening to you and why. Just some of what you can expect in an anxiety treatment program include:

  • Medication – Often, those with anxiety need medication to help minimize the symptoms they feel. This can help you find a place of stability from which to rebuild your life.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This type of therapy teaches you to recognize negative or inaccurate thoughts as they are happening. By doing this, you are able to control them and overcome them.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – This type of talk therapy is empowering. It teaches you how to live in the moment and focus on what’s happening now instead of unrealistic expectations or beliefs.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – If you are using drugs and alcohol to cope with anxiety, a comprehensive treatment plan like this tackles both problems at the same time, enabling you to enjoy the best possible outcome.
  • Whole-body therapy – Exercise, nutrition, yoga, and art therapy are some of the holistic and whole-body therapies you’ll find that can help ease anxiety. By feeding the body and empowering the mind, it’s possible to overcome the limitations anxiety brings with it.

Anxiety can impact your relationships, activities, and quality of life. For some people, it may make life far more challenging than it should be. This does not have to continue. With ongoing and supportive care in the right environment, you can overcome your anxiety disorder and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Why Choose Our Anxiety Treatment Center in Los Angeles?

Don’t let anxiety control your decisions any longer. Instead, work closely with our team at Virtues Behavioral Health to embrace a new way of living. Our location is welcoming, supportive, and comfortable. As a comprehensive outpatient treatment center, all of your needs are met, including the privacy you desire. You’ll gain the confidence and support you need to thrive by overcoming anxiety and gaining control over substance use disorder.

If you are ready to embrace life fully, it is time to manage anxiety more effectively. Let our team offer guidance and support to you to make that possible. Our outpatient addiction treatment programs are available to you today to get the process started.

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Overcoming mental health disorders enable a person to live life on their own terms. At our anxiety treatment center, you’ll feel empowered to do just that. Learn more about what Virtues Behavioral Health can offer to you when you give us a call at 855.579.8599 or connect with our team now online.