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When you walk out the door of an addiction treatment program you are not on your own. During your time in treatment, you have acquired a skill set that allows you to reintroduce yourself to the waiting world. You now have a support network of others who have shared your struggles and have advised and counseled you on how to make a new start. It is important to stick with the good habits you have been developing and to introduce yourself to some new ones. Without aftercare, your chances of relapsing are greatly increased. A rehab aftercare program will keep you focused on your continuing success with your sobriety.

Aftercare participants are three times more likely to stay clean and sober than those who don’t have a post-treatment plan in place or refuse to engage with one. They are also four times more likely to be opiate-free and five times more likely to be drug-free for the six-month period after they are on their own. Aftercare lasts for the rest of your life whether it involves professional assistance or is mostly handled on your own.

Our Rehab Aftercare Program in Los Angeles, California

Rehab Aftercare Program los angelesSome of the goals of a rehab aftercare program are to find different ways to avoid relapse, continue recovering from your substance abuse, and find a new purpose in your life as a newly sober individual. This is a long-term treatment plan to aid you in your journey to walk the straight and narrow path that you have invested so much time and effort in building. Long-term drug use can have a deleterious effect on your mental health and can alter the normal functioning of the brain. These changes do not automatically reverse themselves when you stop using alcohol and drugs but can last for a substantial amount of time.

Addiction takes a physical toll on your body and this is often accompanied by psychological changes that persist after you have stopped using. They can affect your behavior, thoughts, and feelings. An aftercare program can address these issues and help you to monitor them so that you do not end up relapsing or suffering from anxiety and depression related to the great physiological changes you have undergone through addiction treatment.

Nine Services You Can Expect from a Quality Aftercare Program

While the services and benefits you can expect from aftercare can vary depending on your needs, some of what you’ll find includes;

  • Mental health follow-up care
  • Education
  • Child care
  • Vocational help
  • Financial literacy advice
  • Housing help
  • Transportation
  • Legal assistance
  • Monitoring of your medical status

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A rehab aftercare program may be the one thing holding your life in place after you have finished your treatment for substance abuse. It is essential to keep up the good habits you have learned in your treatment program in order to maintain your continuing sobriety on your own. But you are never truly alone as you will have a support network of dedicated and concerned people to rely on. Your demons will be kept at bay by putting the much-needed work that goes into an aftercare program. You are now responsible not just for your sobriety but for your continuing mental and physical well-being.

Virtues Behavioral Health in Los Angeles, California is a new outpatient facility that specializes in treating substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. We provide comfortable private therapy spaces, lounge areas with games, modern group session rooms, and coffee, tea, and refreshments. We are located in West Los Angeles and provide a warm and welcoming space to attend to your recovery and rejuvenation. Virtues Behavioral Health can be reached online or at 855.579.8599 for you to take the first step on your journey to wellness and recovery.