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For those battling drug and alcohol addiction along with conditions such as depression or anxiety, it can seem like the world is working against you. However, an addiction treatment program can help. More specifically, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) can provide strategies, skills, and treatment to help you manage both a substance use disorder and mental health disorders effectively. Our team at Virtues Behavioral Health provides a warm, welcoming environment where you find the best way forward.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Program?

virtues behavioral health partial hospitalization program in los angelesPHP is an important investment for those with co-occurring disorders (substance use disorder and mental health disorders). When both occur at the same time, treatment needs to be comprehensive. It needs to address both aspects equally, ensuring the best possible outcome. PHP is a type of intensive outpatient treatment capable of providing this type of help. That means participants will spend a number of hours most days of the week in treatment but are still able to go home in the evening.

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program in California Right for You?

PHP is an important investment when co-occurring disorders are present. Treating just mental health or just addiction doesn’t provide a way forward. Those in recovery might relapse or struggle with quality of life due to the symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, or bipolar disorder they have. You may benefit from this type of drug addiction treatment program if you have signs such as the following:

  • Intense feelings of anxiety or deep depression when not using drugs or alcohol
  • Needing to use substances to help you feel calm and in control
  • Being unable to stop using substances even when you try to do so (feeling cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop)
  • Needing to use drugs and alcohol to stop images or memories from your past
  • Struggling with responsibilities, pulling away from family, or just focused on drug use

When you experience these symptoms, recognize what’s happening. Know that these substances are controlling your health and well-being. Reaching out to an outpatient addiction treatment center can help you begin the road to recovery with a strong foundation.

What to Expect in a PHP

The PHP at Virtues Behavioral Health provides the safe place you need to get help. The type of treatment you receive depends on multiple factors, including your health, the symptoms you have, and the complexity of your addiction. Our dedicated, compassionate counselors work closely with you to ensure each of your needs are met.

This is done through a series of addiction therapy programs, each selected based on your specific needs. Some of them include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Art therapy programs
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Exercise programs
  • Nutritional programs
  • Family therapy

Our location offers a range of resources to help those with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health disorders. This falls under our dual diagnosis treatment plan. Within it, you’ll get help balancing your mental health disorder symptoms through medication, as needed. This also includes working closely with you to ensure you don’t suffer from significant pain or discomfort when you stop using drugs and alcohol.

Our dedicated team knows how challenging your circumstances are right now. That’s why we offer a full mind, body, and spirit approach to treatment. It helps to rejuvenate your health while also combating the complications brought on by addiction.

Find Support and Recovery at Virtues Behavioral Health

An investment in a partial hospitalization program could change your future, empowering you to make better decisions and giving you the tools to be in control again. Learn more about the programs we offer at Virtues Behavioral Health by giving us a call at 855.579.8599 or connecting with us online today.