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Substance use disorders have impacted countless men and women throughout the country. impacts both men and women. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. However, why someone develops a struggle with substance abuse and what they need to recovery is often based, at least in part, on their gender. A men’s rehab center offers a safe, supportive environment where you can open up and work through the challenges you’re facing in a meaningful manner. This is critical in the success of addiction treatment programs. Virtues Behavioral Health offers the resources you need to achieve your best outcome.

The Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program

mens rehab program in los angelesMen face a significant amount of stigma when it comes to getting help for substance use disorders or mental health challenges. However, a professional treatment program can help you or your loved one heal. If you are struggling but want to take back your life, turning to a men’s rehab center can offer some key benefits:

  • You’ll be supported by people who understand. Every other person in this type of treatment program is facing the same challenges you are. They get the stigma and the feeling of shame. Bonding with them empowers you.
  • During treatment, you’ll gain insight into why this happened. Men benefit from better understanding their addiction and mental health disorders. Learn what occurred to put you in this position even when your friends are not facing the same challenges.
  • You can say what you need to with safety. Here, you can open up.
  • You’ll be at ease with yourself and your surroundings. Men who are able to let down their guard are more likely to find the path to recovery.
  • Create a plan that’s right for your future. You don’t have to be defined by what other people believe you should be doing. Instead, create a plan to better manage your future the way you want to live.

In a men’s substance abuse treatment center, you’ll have a compassionate team of professionals ready to help you. Your privacy is always protected.

Therapy to Help You Heal

There are various components to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health disorders. At Virtues Behavioral Health, we offer drug addiction treatment that’s comprehensive, meaning it can help you with many of the problems and struggles you have. This may include past trauma, stress management, and peer pressure. You’ll learn how to recognize the triggers that put you at risk for using while also having access to medications that can ease the withdrawal symptoms you feel.

Some of the addiction treatment therapies we offer include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Exercise treatment program
  • Art therapy program
  • Nutrition therapy program
  • Family therapy program

In individual and group therapy sessions, you’ll learn about yourself and how to manage addiction. You’ll get help for mental health disorders that could be limiting you.

What Makes Our Men’s Addiction Treatment Program the Right Option for You?

You have all of the resources you need at Virtues Behavioral Health to support your long-term recovery. You just need to embrace it. Our team is compassionate and understands just how hard the process is. With our focus on mind, body, and spirit, you’ll be empowered to create a new plan for your future, one that you can feel confident in for years to come. With numerous outpatient treatment options, you’ll find the right level and type of support for you here.

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For men, making the decision to get help for substance use disorder or mental health isn’t always easy. Yet, it’s vital to your long-term recovery and health. Learn more about our men’s rehab center at Virtues Behavioral Health and what we can do to give you a better chance at a healthy future. Call us now at 855.579.8599 or reach out to us online for the support you need.