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Have you ever felt you lack certain life skills that seem to come so effortlessly to others? Perhaps you missed out on key elements of your academic education, or you feel that you never gained certain pieces of crucial information that could make your day-to-day life run more smoothly. An addiction therapy program can help you heal from substance abuse, and life skills training can complement these therapies.

The umbrella of life skills is wide and varied, with many specific items included beneath it. Depending on your age, occupation, socioeconomic status, and gender, the skills you need to move through your life successfully may differ significantly. Plus, if any of these factors change, you may need to gain new life skills to succeed in your professional and personal endeavors.

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Life Skills Training in California

life skills training programOur life skills training classes teach adult clients the specific skills they need to live a successful, happy life. Many of our clients may not have learned these skills in school or from their families. In our high-quality life skills training program, clients will learn from each other and their instructor as they explore the areas where they lack knowledge or understanding and determine what they need to gain to fill those areas.

Life Skills and Addiction Recovery

For those in active addiction, aspects of life such as self-care, cooking, finances, cleanliness, time management, and employment might not be priorities. Many clients who are newly in recovery often need help building a toolkit for dealing with the challenges of daily life. That’s where Virtues Behavioral Health comes in. We’re ready to assist you through your next phase of recovery.

Skills We Teach in Our Life Skills Program in California

Although we do teach some hard or tangible skills in our life skills program, much of what we teach is conceptual.


Knowing how to communicate effectively is essential for adults in today’s world. Whether this means communicating with peers, an authority figure, or even younger people and children, communication often determines a person’s success (or lack thereof) in interpersonal relationships and professional settings. Our well-trained professionals can teach you how to express yourself and your intentions so you can better connect with the people around you.

Maintaining Employment

The ability to hold a job is crucial to being able to support yourself. That includes skills like efficient communication with co-workers and bosses, the ability to handle conflict and stress with an appropriate reaction, effective teamwork, and even simply making sure to show up on time.

Money Management

Unfortunately, many of the most helpful money management skills aren’t taught in schools. Our professionals teach clients how to balance a checkbook, write a check, deposit money at the bank, use a bank card, withdraw funds from your account, pay your bills, and even save for future retirement plans.

Upholding Relationships

From familial relationships to friendships to romantic relationships, maintaining healthy relationships throughout your life takes excellent communication skills, understanding of loyalty, and the ability to spot any signs of abuse or neglect.

Learn More About Life Skills Training at Virtues Behavioral Health

Virtues Behavioral Health is here to help adults of all ages and walks of life gain life skills with a training program that works. Consider our program if you or a loved one has recently gotten sober or needs help improving your lifestyle. You’re worth it, and a happier and healthier life is within reach.

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