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During drug and alcohol treatment, those in recovery need to embrace new ways of thinking. They need to develop skills for managing health and stress. Group therapy is one of the ways to learn these skills. It is a lot more than that, too. A group therapy program provides a way of learning with and through others in a positive, uplifting experience. This is one of the addiction treatment therapies we offer at Virtues Behavioral Health. It may be a key component to your success.

What Is a Group Therapy Program?

virtues behavioral health group therapy program los angelesSeveral different approaches to addiction treatment programs are available. Most people need to embrace a series of these therapies to achieve true improvement and to prevent relapse. Individual therapy tends to be the foundation of treatment. In that type of therapy, a person works one-on-one with their therapist. In group therapy, they work with a therapist and others in recovery.

Group therapy is not as scary as it sounds. During treatment, each person is able to learn and interact with others as much as they would like to do so. This type of therapy can offer a range of benefits including:

  • Learning about addiction and mental health disorders while also learning how to manage their symptoms
  • Develop self-awareness, learning to recognize what’s happening to you during the recovery process
  • Build better, stronger social skills through improved communication, create new friendships with people who truly understand what you are facing
  • Group therapy helps you to develop skills for daily life, such as learning how to balance stressful situations without turning to substances
  • Get the support you need to open up about all of the struggles you’re facing from people that understand the challenges fully

It is through group therapy that a person struggling with addiction is able to find support, gain confidence, and develop the skills necessary for managing daily life.

Who Should Engage in a Group Therapy Program in California?

Group therapy is often a part of a larger picture of substance abuse treatment. However, it is beneficial for anyone that is in active addiction, has stopped using drugs and alcohol, or those who are battling mental health disorders. The support you receive during this type of therapy can be empowering, providing you with the resources you need to rebuild your life.

Embrace a Group Therapy Program in Los Angeles in Our Treatment Center

At Virtues Behavioral Health, we offer a range of therapy options in one location. When you come in for care here, you’ll have access to both group and individual therapy, two of the core components of the overall recovery process. These programs are effective because they are engaging, positive, and rewarding. You’ll feel confident and empowered leaving each session.

In addition to providing you with access to group therapy, we offer a wide range of other outpatient rehab program options that can also be effective and helpful to you. Each one of these therapies offers a new way of learning to deal with addiction symptoms and much more. Among the therapies we offer are options such as:

  • Family therapy programs
  • Art therapy programs
  • Nutrition education and therapy
  • Yoga therapy program
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

In addition to this, we provide all of the resources you need to fully recover including medication-assisted treatment, relapse prevention programs, and life skills training. With all of this support, you are able to embrace addiction recovery.

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With a range of therapies and treatment options available to you, Virtues Behavioral Health is uniquely designed to meet each one of your needs. Our group therapy program is one example of our care options. Here, you will learn, grow, and become empowered enabling you to live a long, healthy, substance-free life. Learn more about our services by connecting with us online or calling 855.579.8599 now.