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Long-term relationships can be challenging to manage and maintain. In many cases, couples can be torn apart by anger issues, substance abuse, infidelity, or simply growing apart over time. Though some couples can work through their problems together, many relationships can benefit from the support of a couples therapy program like ours at Virtues Behavioral Health. This therapy is part of our comprehensive addiction therapy program in Los Angeles.

Couples therapy isn’t a quick fix for relationship or marital issues—instead, our couples therapists act as a sort of mediator between you and your loved one. Our professionals can help you work through your problems in a structured and productive manner.

Since both members of a couple are bound to be significantly biased about the state of the relationship, having our professionals lend an unbiased third-party opinion can be extremely illuminating.

If you’re ready to learn more about how our couples therapy program in Los Angeles can benefit you and your partner or spouse, call Virtues Behavioral Health at 855.579.8599.

When Is It Time for a Couples Therapy Program?

couples treatment & couples therapy in los angelesCouples tend to reap the most benefit from their therapeutic efforts when their issues are significant enough to warrant a good deal of conversation but haven’t yet reached crisis mode. Another way to think of it is viewing our couples therapy program as a preventative measure rather than an emergency protocol.

If you and your partner are generally on good terms but are having issues that you’re struggling to get past, now is the perfect time to invest in couples therapy. Give our team a call to learn more about our program if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Fights with your significant other that cause major conflict and negative communication habits
  • An emotional distance between you and your partner
  • Feelings that you’re unloved, unsupported, or emotionally dismissed by your partner
  • Trust and commitment problems
  • Unequal decision-making
  • A lack of sexual intimacy or lack of desire to be intimate
  • Low self-worth, fears of abandonment, or other attachment insecurities

Whether it’s one specific issue that you’re having trouble resolving within your relationship or a combination of factors, our couples therapy program can significantly help a couple that’s ready and willing to work through whatever problems exist.

Our Couples Therapy Program in Los Angeles

First of all, our therapists will work diligently to understand the entire picture of your relationship, its dynamics, and its obstacles.

Our well-trained therapists will use a collection of therapies and treatments to work with you and your significant other. What techniques we use will vary depending on your particular situation and disagreements. At Virtues Behavioral Health, we often implement a variety of approaches depending on the need of the couple.

If you have any questions about what techniques we use and how our well-trained therapists can best work with you, your partner, and your relationship dynamics for the best outcome, reach out to our team.

How to Prepare for Couples Therapy in California

For many couples enrolling in our couples therapy program, one member of the relationship is more dedicated or open to the idea than the other. That member needs to express appreciation for their partner’s willingness to give it a try and make it clear that couples therapy is an excellent opportunity for growth and healing.

Also, you may want to discuss that couples therapy could expose or bring forward hidden or difficult feelings. Do your best to promise one another that you’ll do your best to remain as positive and supportive as possible throughout the process. If that’s not a conversation you and your partner can have, do not be discouraged. Couples therapy can still work for you.

It’s time to take the leap and repair your relationship. Learn more about the couples therapy program services at Virtues Behavioral Health by calling 855.579.8599 today.