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Recovery is a complex thing一a problem with many, many potential answers. Because it’s so complicated, at Virtues Behavioral Health, we create a personalized treatment plan for each of our clients. But what happens when you leave our California addiction treatment center? After participating in our addiction therapy programs, it can be helpful to have a plan for relapse prevention.

The world is not as structured as some may want it (or need it) to be. We saw that our clients were fighting to cope in the outside world without organization and routine. That’s why Virtues Behavioral Health proudly spearheaded coping skills treatment in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for a healthier and more sustainable outlook on life beyond substance use, you can contact Virtues Behavioral Health directly at 855.579.8599.

What Is a Coping Skills Treatment Program?

coping skills treatment los angelesGetting past a substance use disorder requires an extensive toolkit. It’s more than what one individual can do on their own, which is why our team at Virtues Behavioral Health works to give our clients the comprehensive breadth of skills and resources that they need to take back control over their own lives.

Coping skills are commonly taught for those suffering from anxiety or depression, and there is considerable overlap between these conditions and substance use disorders. Oftentimes, if someone has fallen into addiction, they experience mental health symptoms along with substance use. In the mental health field, we call that “dual-diagnosis,” which is a specialty of ours at Virtues Behavioral Health.

Some forms of therapy create a world of their own, but our coping skills treatment program aims to exist in reality. Our clients take what they learn in this treatment program and incorporate the lessons into their day-to-day life.

Do You Need Coping Skills Treatment in California?

If you’re struggling with triggers for relapse, you could benefit from our coping skills treatment program.

A trigger prompts a flashback to prior trauma or an unhealthy habit. That sounds dramatic, but the most dangerous part of it is that a trigger can come from literally anything and at any time. A commercial played on the radio can remind the listener of their sexual assault. The taste of coffee could make someone want to smoke a cigarette. And our clients with a substance use disorder, many moments in life tempt them to relapse.

Triggers come in the form of both internal and external high-risk situations. An internal risk could be:

  • Extreme emotions, both positive or negative
  • Fixated thoughts on using
  • Isolating from loved ones

On the other hand, an external risk could be:

  • Being around people using
  • Being in a place where you used to use
  • Feeling physical pain

Have you experienced issues with any of the above experiences or situations? It’s hard to admit that you’re triggered, and it can be even harder to know how to handle it. That’s why learning coping skills is such a vital part of recovery.

Don’t try to cope with triggers on your own. Reach out to Virtues Behavioral Health. We can help you at this part of your recovery journey and make you strong for the long haul.

Virtues Behavioral Health: Coping Skills Treatment in Los Angeles

For coping skills treatment in California, Virtues Behavioral Health is proud of the work we’ve done for those in our community. While the world during inpatient treatment feels incredibly enclosed, we understand that it can’t stay that way forever. When clients check into our center, they’re eventually going to check out and go back to their lives. What our team strives to do is make sure they go back ready for whatever may happen.

We craft our treatment according to each client, and we’re willing to work with individuals and couples in whatever way aids their recovery. And for every client, Virtues Behavioral Health provides the skills and insights needed to create a life beyond addiction.

So if you’re looking for a better way to get through whatever life throws at you, contact Virtues Behavioral Health today by calling 855.579.8599.