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Do you struggle to control your frustration? Anger is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. Generally, it’s brought on by feelings of frustration toward a particular person or situation. It will subside naturally with time or once the argument or problem has been resolved. Addiction therapy programs often incorporate anger management therapy as part of a comprehensive approach to recovery.

However, anger can feel explosive and nearly impossible to control for some, causing them to do or say things they regret later. Plus, excessive anger can cause high blood pressure for extended periods, affecting your physical health and mental state. Anger issues can also co-occur with substance use issues and make recovery more complicated.

Anger management issues are more common than you may think. Call Virtues Behavioral Health at 855.579.8599 to learn how we structure anger management therapy and enact solutions that will last a lifetime.

What Our Anger Management Program in California Entails

anger management therapy program californiaThere are a few different ways that our addiction specialists go about handling anger management issues. Typically, we see those who struggle to control their anger get the best results with our cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or anger management counseling courses.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a long-standing method of talk therapy that has been proven to be valuable and effective for a wide range of issues. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Anger management
  • Eating disorders

CBT is based on the concept that psychological issues result from unhelpful or distorted thinking and behavior patterns. These thoughts and habits compound upon themselves the longer they’re left unchanged. According to cognitive-behavioral therapy, the best way to reverse these harmful patterns is to become aware of them. Once you’re aware of them, you can begin to understand them. The final step is to actively change them or simply shift them to a more positive place.

Our CBT therapists can help those struggling with anger management. We’re able to help clients understand why their anger becomes so challenging to control. Together with an experienced therapist from Virtues Behavioral Health, our clients establish new, productive thought and behavior patterns that will help diminish the unwanted thoughts and behaviors over time.

Anger Management Counseling

Anger management counseling is similar to CBT, though it’s sometimes conducted in group settings instead of one-on-one with one of our therapists. In Virtues Behavioral Health group settings, clients with anger management issues will learn from their other group members and feel less alone in the process of overcoming their anger issues.

Our anger management program helps our clients understand where their anger stems from, how they can deal with it in ways that aren’t harmful to them or those around them, and how to take charge of their moods so that their anger no longer feels uncontrollable.

Tips for Controlling Anger

If you’re in the process of enrolling in Virtues Behavioral Health, there are a few tips you can utilize to begin the work on your own. Plus, these practices will work well in tandem with your therapeutic efforts.

Regularly practicing meditation, mindfulness, and deep breathing can help bring your heart rate down and make you feel more centered. Plus, distracting yourself in the heat of the moment with calming behaviors like running, drawing, or listening to music can help you feel more in control of yourself when anger feels like it’s taking over.

Virtues Behavioral Health: Professional Anger Management Program in California

If your anger affects your happiness and the quality of your relationships, it’s time to find an anger management program that works. Call 855.579.8599 to learn more about how Virtues Behavioral Health can transform your relationship with anger and assist you on your recovery journey.