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Several therapeutic practices can work well for people struggling with addiction. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is part of our addiction therapy program at Virtues Behavioral Health.

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach centered around client action that maintains close ties to the traditional behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy practices.

Our ACT program in California is designed to help clients accept difficult feelings and develop new coping mechanisms. Learning to stop denying and avoiding these emotions is the only way to release their hold on a client’s behaviors and choices.

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What to Expect from Our ACT Program in California

acceptance and commitment therapyACT is a highly effective treatment method for those struggling with substance abuse. However, our team uses this form of therapy to help treat addiction and dual diagnosis clients.

Talk Therapy

Our acceptance and commitment therapy program works similarly to that of other psychotherapies, otherwise known simply as “talk therapy.” During the ACT process, you’ll work one-on-one with a therapist to discover your self-talk habits.

The counselors at Virtues Behavioral Health will help you work on the general tone of your internal monologue and how you “talk” to yourself about trauma in your past, bad relationships, any physical limits you may have. They’ll also help you reconceptualize other factors that have contributed to your addictive behaviors.

Courage and Acceptance

As the famous address goes, we need the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The therapists at Virtues Behavioral Health will help you determine which issues you can change or improve with positive action and which issues you simply must accept as facts of life. We will also help you pinpoint all of your coping mechanisms, including substance abuse and other negative behaviors. At that point, we will help you figure out how to face your problems and struggles in a healthier way.

Once you learn to accept the factors of your life that you cannot change and make detailed plans to face the issues you can change head-on, you’ll be able to replace your addictive behaviors with healthier ones.

How Our ACT Program in California Works

An acceptance and commitment therapy program teaches that coping with complicated feelings, bad experiences, and trauma through suppression or substance abuse is counterproductive.

Though these coping mechanisms may seem helpful in the short term, they often only lead to increased dependency on harmful substances and behaviors, which can cause withdrawal from loved ones, loss of employment, illness, and even death.

Create Positive Habits

The practice of ACT is dedicated to discovering valid, personalized alternative behaviors to your harmful habits. Our team of specialists will help you establish these behaviors, including more positive and productive thought patterns and self-talk, closer attention to your personal goals and values, and increased mindfulness around how you interact with yourself and others.

Eliminate Negative Coping Mechanisms

During acceptance and commitment therapy with a Virtues Behavioral Health therapist, we will teach you to simultaneously take steps to change your harmful behaviors and learn to accept the facts of your past. Many of those who struggle with substance abuse can find healing through the practice.

Virtues Behavioral Health: Top ACT Program in California

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